Great Water News: 2013

There is so much information about water these days. I have picked out several issues to start writing about. I Will make a couple of drafts first, then begin writing on th uhh s blog site.
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I have blogged and replied to more sites in the last month than ever in my life. I really enjoy venting and putting in my thoughts on subjects. WordPress is my next adventure. My blog spot is called:
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How’s the Water Down there?

University of Georgia will test your drinking water for a small fee ($8). Mail a sample of water in a plastic or air tight container, not mason jar with a metal lid, and the science department will give you a complete results of what you in your drinking water and will let you know How it is.
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Water Meter – Measure minerals, salts, metals dissolved in WATER

Our company is now providing a TDS meter to our customers.   This TDS Meter measures, EC (Electrical conductivity) is the measure of total concentration of dissolved salts in water.  Distilled water has almost no EC and hard water that contains salts has a high EC.

During our demo.’s, we will show the difference between tap water and 1/2 micon. filtered tap water.

This is very interesting and gives proff that, clean filtered drinking water is affordable.

Georgia’s Drinking Water Planning

The Georgia Comprehensive State-wide Water Management Plan (State Water Plan) was adopted by the General Assembly in 2008. The State Water Plan provides for Resource Assessments, Forcasting and Regional Water Planning.
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Welcome, this is our first entry to  We are always continuing our education on this nations water situation and the drinking water quality around Metro Atlanta.

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